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Her passion for sewing began in childhood. With the Un des Meilleurs Apprentis de France (Best Apprentices of France) award nearby, as well as a Baccalauréat in crafts and arts, Manon started working at Coco Menthe as a pattern maker.

A chance meeting led her to discover the world of weddings and the possibility of unlimited creativity. Initially, she opened a wedding dress alterations workshop, and realised that there was a lack of facilities in the region. 

She wanted to stand out from the crowd and break away from this very traditional world. It was at home in 2011 that she designed her very first line.


Our creations are daring, unconventional and feminine.
Manon creates dresses that connect with brides' bodies and hearts, giving them the freedom to express their desires.

No limits to style!
She plays with transparency,
sublimating each dress with well-chosen details.



In the Atelier, tailor-made dresses are created, made from the finest materials: crepes, tulle, muslin, from French and Italian manufacturers. 

Some of our materials are also labeled EcoTex, which is a major point in our research for fabrics each year.


Patterned materials evolve from collection to collection, inspired by current trends. Lace, sequins, embroidery (...) adorn the dresses like tattoos. 


Brides are received exclusively by appointment. 


On the ground floor, dresses from the current collections welcome future brides and their companions. 

After defining the models they want to try on, Manon takes them upstairs to the privacy of the fitting room where they can confide in full confidence.

Brides are free to choose a dress from the collection, which they can customize according to their wishes. 

They can also start from scratch and imagine a unique dress for them, guided by Manon's creativity. 

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